Snap To Eat is a San Diego-based startup that provides restaurants with the tools to create digital menus and QR codes for their food items. The team behind Snap To Eat is passionate about making dining out easier, more affordable, and more accessible. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to find, order, pay for, pick up, or deliver food from local restaurants without ever having to wait in line!

The restaurant industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology due to high costs of implementation, lack of time to experiment with the latest innovation, or just because they don’t know how it works. That’s why we created Snap To Eat – an easy-to-use software solution that allows restaurateurs to quickly and easily generate a beautiful mobile-friendly menu at any time without ever having to touch HTML code or design anything themselves. With our simple point-and-click interface, you can now have your own custom-made food menus complete with pictures.

Snap To Eat helps restaurateurs reduce inventory costs by eliminating the need for paper menus, while also giving diners an interactive experience with new technology. Diners then pull up the restaurant’s menu using their phone or any other device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) to view menus as well as find directions and hours of operation!

With Snap To Eat, it’s that easy. Get started for free.